System for paid control access "PaySt-Ts-01"

Modular System fitted with separated main bodies (a metal box with a frame) and bidirectional three-arm turnstile.
It controls the access to places or services using prepayment.
The system has user friendly menu from which can be drawn detailed information about the cash receipts and reported sales.


  • Coin timer, returning change;
  • Banknote Validator;
  • Microprocessor controller and LCD display, Power supply, turnstile control, indicators;
  • A metal box with a lock and tree-side locking;
  • Bidirectional three-arm turnstile;
  • Proximity reader - 1бр, with 10 proximity chips;
  • Front panel of VeraLite and UV-resistant PVC film.

* Additional options:

  • Fiscal device (TREMOL);
  • Thermal Printer;
    When ordering, configuration of the above modules is determined by the customer's requirements and the specifics of the place (service).


The system has user friendly menu for the following settings:

  • Price setting;
  • Turnstile unlock time after sale reporting setting;
  • Turnstile direction settings ENTRANCE/EXIT;

The user menu allows the following references and inquiries:

  • Accepted money report;
  • Number of sales report;
  • Change report;
  • Number of official entries with RFID card;
  • Money balance report.
    All reports can be reset.
    Power supply voltage 220VAC/50Hz.