Universal timer system with coin timer „COINTIMER1.1"

Universal timer system with coin timer that can serve to manage electrical devices with different functions and purpose autonomously, without the intervention of employees:

- Car washes;
- Washing machines;
- TVs;
- Lavatories;
- Massage chairs;
- Shower cabins;
- Vacuum cleaners;
- Computers;
- Saunas;
And more.

  • A metal box with a lock - 250x200x150mm;
  • Four-digit LED display;
  • Electronic coin timer;
  • Control circuit board - microprocessor timer;
  • Power board;
  • Possibility of fitting electronic fiscal devices.


  • Two independent prices - settings;
  • Two independent times - settings;
  • Encashment counter-can be reset;
  • Power supply voltage 220VAC/50Hz;
  • Two relays: Exit 1:220VAC/5A; Exit 2:EMR 5A;